A Question For All

Peace is when I can let go of this: the craving for ego, the longing for the mother’s breast.

Peace begins when weapons fall silent. For this, will is required.
Peace needs contentment, sufficiency but not bloatedness.
Peace needs the will to show consideration for the needs of others.
Peace needs to overcome the logic of the strongest.
In peace, our identity resides in ourselves, even without flags and nations.
In peace, we feel the meaning of our life.
In peace, I am aware of the magnitude of my choices.
In peace, I will not be harnessed to the cart.
In peace, a honeyed wind flows.
Is peace a need for us? What does it take to bring about peace?

I have been asking these questions of friends in recent days. Some answers are printed here. You too are warmly invited to send us a sentence about peace. Just one, so that there is room for others too.

This article was translated by Christian von Arnim.

Picture Miriam Wahl, Dshamilja, ten-part series, dispersion and watercolour on paper, 70 × 50 cm each, 2018

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