Where Does the Power to Be at Peace Come From?

For their most recent project, the Ichos Vocal Ensemble explores the peace in man, inquiring into the inner prerequisites of a lived peace from an artistic perspective.

The focus of the project centers on the composer, Arvo Pärt. In his music, the interplay of the actors, players and voices is important: it is the interweaving of the voices that creates musical meaning. This theme runs like a thread through Pärt’s music. This music is in permanent communication: with its active participation—whether singing or listening—it encourages the creation of meaningful order through common movement. Is there a force for inner peace here? With this question at center, the entire program emerges. The performance includes rarely or never-before heard works and composers.

The first concert will take place in Pratteln (near Basel) on September 15th followed by another one in Fulda on September 17th.

Source ICHOS

Translation Laura Liska
Title image Ichos Vocal Ensemble, Photo: Xue Li

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