Love and Crisis

From July 14-17, the Anthroposophical Summer Conference will once again attract participants with a rich program on the topic of ‘love.’

A new aspect of the conference format is the forum, where participants will be able to contribute their own impulses and ideas; the conference will be moderated by Simon Andreas. Wolf-Ulrich Klünker will speak about relationships and depression, Ateş Baydur about psychotherapy and the path of inner development, Markus Osterrieder about waking consciousness. There will also be an artistic evening and five very diverse course offerings in each of the two blocks during the day. The conference will take place at the Rudolf Steiner School in Zurich. Advance registration is necessary.

Venue Steinerschule Zurich

More Anthroposophische Sommertagung

Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Title image Summer Conference 2022 (The platonic bodies will also be used at this year’s conference.)

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